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The prefabrication process is the first step in installing the stone of your dreams. It starts with templating, in which long strips of PVC plastic are laid out and shaped to the dimensions of the counter or vanity.

PVC is the superior choice in a high quality templating job, since unlike wood (which is often used), PVC does not absorb water when on a wet stone cutting saw and maintains its shape for a more accurate job.


Fabrication is when the slabs of stone actually get cut. They are placed on a massive flat stone cutting saw with the template outline mounted on top.

They are wet cut which means they are supplied with a constant stream of water. This water supply cools the stone down which prevents it from cracking. The moisture also prevents dust from building up, which makes for a cleaner working environment.

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After the stone is cut, edge detailing is selected. Please research and determine your favorite edge. The sink holes are then cut into the slabs.

Now, finishing work begins. Natural Stone has a selection of popular finishes including Polished (shiny surface), Honed (classic, matte finish), Leather (bumpy, slightly unsmooth) as well as a selection of others. The stone is now ready for installation!

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The stone slabs are safely strapped down and transported to our clients’ location. This is usually a multi-person job, especially when dealing with large pieces such as kitchen islands and single piece shower walls.

For counters, necessary bracing or plywood is laid down to support the weight of the stone. For walls, the pieces are matched, then securely fastened. Once the large pieces are in place, we go back and install backsplashes and do minor detail work.

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