How To Shop For a Fabricator

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A qualified stone fabricator should always meet this criteria:

  • Bonded
  • Licensed
  • Insured (Liability and Workman’s Comp)

Starting in 2006 insurance laws changed in California regarding Workmen’s Compensation laws:

You, the Homeowner are now the Primary source for compensation in the event of an accident at your residence, if your contractor did not have Workmen’s Compensation insurance.

Protect yourself, and your family and assets, hire only Licensed and Insured contractors.

What we provide you with:

In-house trained employees that have ALL undergone extensive personal &professional background checks, all have legal working status, and have all been voluntarily screened for drug and alcohol abuse.

We have a reference data base of hundreds of our clients for you to call and discuss our job performance.

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A note about our industry:

Cutting and fabricating a natural stone job at your home IS NOT the way things are done in the stone business. This “driveway” method employed by budget fabricators is an environmental, health and safety issue. As well as a real homeowner liability hazard.

We go to great expense to provide you, and our employees, with a safe, clean and healthy product

Shopping for slabs:

Shopping for stone can be confusing and time consuming, but try to keep the following in mind: Take your time, look at as many slabs as you can possibly stand to.

Stone Slab

Remember, always place a hold, and get a hold-slip on any slab you love.

When you find the slabs you like check for the following …

  • Visible cracks that can be felt with your finger nail
  • Bad finish (not quite as glossy as the rest of the piece)
  • A scratched or dinged-up surface
  • Extensive use of fiberglass netting on the back of a slab

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